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Transgender Information

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Transgender and gender fluid individuals often find it difficult to locate information, especially about the process of transitioning. Here are some helpful resources and links to more information.

Coming out to Faculty and Staff

As of 2015, UIC provides healthcare coverage through CampusCare. See Appendix B of the CampusCare Certificate of Coverage. While the policy is extensive, UIC is still in the process of developing resources to implement a full range of healthcare coverage. Contact the Co-Chairs of the Chancellor’s Committee, or the Gender and Sexuality Center for more information.

Some transgender and gender diverse people decide to take hormones as part of their transition. It’s very important that you get your hormones from a health professional, and that you are being monitored to make sure that the hormones are safe for you. Your health professional can talk with you about the risks associated with hormones, what changes to expect, and provide medical and emotional support.

Most healthcare providers are guided by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards. Dr. Loren Schechter has been given privileges to carry out surgery at UIC as an in-network healthcare provider.

One recommendation is Dr. Evelyn Figueroa, Dr. L. Amanda Perry, or Dr. Emelia Arquilla as a Primary Care Physician (PCP),  and Dr. Adrienne Williams as a Psychologist. Dr. Sam Grief is the Chief Medical Director of the CampusCare program.